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Code of Ethics  2017


Performers are expected to afford the same consideration to others as they would expect for themselves, at all times.  To ensure that adequate consideration is given, we ask that you understand and abide by the following rules:


  • Give due acclaim and encouragement to each other in the spirit of friendship in which the Eisteddfod movement has been fostered over the years.

  • Do not attempt to intimidate or distract a performer at any time.

  • Remain seated while a performance is in progress.

  • Maintain silence from the time that a performer appears on stage until the end of the performance.


DRESS CODE:       

The Ipswich Junior Eisteddfod Society Inc supports a Dress Code for all performers throughout the Eisteddfod.  All parents and teachers are urged to observe this standard of dress.  Formal or semi-formal dress is encouraged where appropriate.  Good casual is suitable for day competition; however, jeans or


joggers are not acceptable.  Midriffs are not to be shown.




Members of the audience are requested to maintain silence and to remain seated during performances, adjudications and announcements.  Doors will be closed, and entry to or exit from the venue will not be permitted during performances.



Under copyright law and child protection requirements, the use of cameras (including mobile phone cameras), video recorders, cassette recorders or MP3 recorders is forbidden, unless specifically authorised by The Ipswich Junior Eisteddfod Society Inc for official/publicity purposes.  



All mobile phones and pagers must be switched off or placed on silent.




Schedules and Entry Forms for the Music and Speech & Drama Eisteddfods will be available for download on this website under the relevant sections tab (home page).  The Dance Eisteddfod will accept online entries only from 2017.  


Schedules will be mailed to Primary and Secondary Schools who request a copy.


If you are unable to access the internet, please contact the relevant Convenor in writing, requesting a hardcopy to be posted.



The IJES facebook page provides updates on a regular basis for all sections of the Society.  Make sure you ‘like’ us to see results, pictures and general information.



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