Management Committee 2021


President                       Sally Grennan                              Treasurer         Cindy Lacey                    



Vice-President               Gillian Velasquez                         Secretary         Pam Berlin


Members Reps              Georgia Spark & Kylie Klupfel


Music Co-Convenors      Nicole Spark                Telephone          

                                         Krystel Wilson              Email         


Dance Co-Convenors     Lynlee McCormac        Telephone

                                         Gillian Velasquez         Email        

Speech Co-Convenors    David Berlin            

                                          Kathy Wilson                 Email       


Awards Co-ordinator      Marilyn Veitch


Advertising and Promotional Material 2021


During the Eisteddfod – photographs may be taken of competitor’s.  It is important that The Convenor be advised of

A COMPETITOR, that DOES NOT want photographs taken and used for promotional purposes. 


These photos may be used for the Society’s webpage, facebook, The QLD Times and general advertising purposes.