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Management Committee 2024


President                        Janine Tirant                                      



Vice-President                Georgia Spark



Treasurer                        Morgan Bartle 



Secretary                        Laura Marsden


Members Reps               Debbie Briscoe



Music Co-Convenors      Nicole Spark

                                        Krystel Wilson



Dance Co-Convenors     Brooke Ridley         

                                        Morgan Bartle               


Speech Co-Convenors   Gillian Chant            

                                        Kathy Wilson                   



Awards Co-ordinator       Marilyn Veitch



Advertising and Promotional Material


During the Eisteddfod – photographs may be taken of competitor’s.  It is important that The Convenor be advised of

A COMPETITOR, that DOES NOT want photographs taken and used for promotional purposes. 


These photos may be used for the Society’s webpage, facebook, The QLD Times and general advertising purposes.






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