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The Ipswich Junior Eisteddfod Society Inc.

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IJES was established in 1945, having celebrated 70 years in 2015.  


A special moment during these celebrations was having 2 of the competitors from the First and Second Eisteddfod, perform on the Final Night of the Music Section.

(Mr George Hogg OAM, sang the Welsh National Anthem, Accompanied by Mrs Blodwyn Whitehead OAM, on Piano)


From the first event held, each of the sections has been well patronised and supported by a wide network of hard-working Volunteers, Committee Members, Teachers, Competitor's and guests.


Known originally as the Ipswich Juvenille Eisteddfod, the event was held in the first 2 weeks of September on an Annual basis.

The input from many was required, and as listed below, the Management and the appointment/nomination of formal places on the various Committee's was much higher than today.


The Office Bearers in 1945 were:


PRESIDENT:   R. Lulham, Esq.      


VICE-PRESIDENTS:    Hon.  D.A. Gledson. M.L.A       Hon.  Jos. Francis, M.P.     Ald. F.L. Foote                 Ald. V.Noble

                                     Ald. A. Wright                           Inspector Brannelly          Rev. Kestell Cornish      Dr. H. Wilson

                                     Rev. W. Wilson Smith              Rev. Gray  A. Parker    


                                     Messrs  R.G. Andrew              S.J. Millar                           H.L. Grover                      V.M. Drough

                                                    H.G Simpson             H.G. Neilsen                       E.M. Scott                         G. Treagin

                                                     W.J. Johnson            W.M. Fox                            R.W. Hurford                    D.S. Whyte

                                                     E.F. Badke                 S.H. Hancock                    T.H. Parker                       G.B. Reason

                                                     W.D. Jones                H.C. Arter                           Mrs. W.V. Martin


Treasurer:   W. Baird, Eso         Joint Secretaries:  Charles E. Tongue & Hazel E. Perry


Executive Committee:

The President (Mr. R. Lulham, ESQ), Mr. F.E. Willesden, Rev. Kestell Cornish, Mr. Walsh, Mr. J. Raymond, The Treasurer, The Joint Secretaries.



Mr. F.E. Willersden (Chairman).  Mesdames   F.J. Goleby,  Mr. Ray Jones, Misses  R.E. Robson, H.E. Perry,  Gladys Payne.



Rev. Kestell Cornish (Chairman), Mr. A.E. Adams, Mrs. Maibry Wragga,  Mrs. Cornish,  Miss. Lyndal Johnson



Mrs. M. Marshall,  Mrs. A. Mayes,  Miss. B. Simmonds


Preliminary Programme Sub-Committee - 5 members

Fund-Raising Committee - 17 members

Hall Arrangement Sub-Committee - 5 members

General Committee - 9 members (plus members of the Executive Committee and Sub-Committees)


Adjudicators - 1945

Music:               Percy Brier, Esq

Art of Speech:  Mrs. Edith Innes

Dancing:            Miss Elsie Seguss


Official Accompanists

Hazel Murray, Mona Walters,  Mrs W. Cooney,  Peggy Pilgrim






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